Celebrating 10 Years of Craftsmanship

Celebrating 10 years of craftsmanship

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we take pride in honouring our origins by showcasing our foundational and heritage product - the ballet flat. This timeless shoe has long been a cherished essential in women’s wardrobes, offering versatility for every moment of their lives. Whether it’s for daily wear, comfortable indoor settings, or celebratory occasions, our ballet flats are designed to meet the diverse needs of women. Embracing the values of true craftsmanship and Scandinavian minimalism, we pay homage to our history.

Celebrating 10 Years of Craftsmanship

Our Story

The company started as a passion project of real-life couple Hanna and Gustav. In Sweden, taking your shoes off at the door is customary to avoid bringing snow and mud into the house. Still, Hanna noticed that while sleek, fashionable indoor slippers had long existed for men, she couldn’t easily find the same for women. She dreamed of something you could wear while relaxing alone and entertaining guests — or even take with you to a dinner party! So —sustained by love, commitment, and a single-minded goal to cater to the needs of the smart, conscious, independent woman, they set out to create Flattered.

Both founders had regular day jobs at the time, so they worked late nights and weekends to actualise their vision. After a while, they found a small family-owned factory outside Porto in Portugal that understood precisely what they were looking for. Finally, after months of hard work, they perfected the indoor ballet flat that has since become the signature —with its perfectly almond-shaped toe and soft woollen insole.

Thus began the growth of the Swedish-born ballet flat slipper company, evolving into the global footwear and bag brand it is today, known for its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and adherence to the principles of Scandinavian minimalistic design.