Mother's Day 2024

A Legacy From Mom To Daughter

My childhood was rich with opportunities for creativity, thanks to my mom. She encouraged me to explore my imagination, instilling in me the belief that no dream was too big to pursue. It may sound cliché, but she allowed me to doodle on walls, construct forts in the dining room, and cut countless small pieces of paper. In granting me such freedom, she bestowed upon me a priceless gift.

Today, as a designer, my creativity serves as my voice—a means through which I convey my emotions and ideas. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to engage in this expression daily, and to witness women, mothers, and daughters wear creations of my making.

Now, as I watch my own daughter, I am compelled to impart upon her the same sense of exploration and the encouragement to dream boundlessly that my mother gave to me. I yearn to witness her blossoming into her own unique individual, utilising her creativity as a vessel for self-expression. To me, this stands as the ultimate legacy I can offer her.

So, to my cherished mom, Thank you.

- Anna Johansson, Designer & Creative Director